Like Designing Products?


Who are you people?

What will I be doing?

We're a half-startup-half-agency focusing on crowdfunding and eCommerce.

We've generated over $50M in sales for our users and clients. Now we're on a mission to make that number 100X bigger. Also, we like long walks on the beach and our favorite color is baby blue.

Everything we do ends with a consumer buying something online.

We run a crowdfunding agency and develop some pretty cool products that have to do with crowdfunding and ecommerce. So far, we've built small tools for visual analytics, campaign automation, lead optimization and a few hacks that help optimize advertising. 

Now, we're going bigger. We're building MVPs for two new products that have a new take on eCommerce. 

We also eat a lot of Hummus.

What do you do?

First of all, having fun.

It's a great team with an awesome vibe. On a professional level, you’ll be creating the very core of our product - designing UI for web and mobile, doing some product branding and our own assets. You might also help with designing crowdfunding campaigns. 

And of course, eat some of the worst hummus in Tel Aviv, and argue it's the best.

Sound like you?